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They’re sort of like a continuum.” She added that Arab and black individuals bear the responsibility of representing their respective communities when dealing with each other.“This is evidence that both of these populations are basically stigmatized minorities,” she said.

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Arab store owners in Detroit are being killed for $10 and $20 sometimes,” an Arab American engineer told the Arab American News in 2014, with underlying racial tones.

He was stating that he stands with the police against Black Lives Matter protesters.

He suggested organizing joint block parties, sporting and social events across city lines to remove those perceived obstacles. Sally Howell, a professor of Arab American studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, said it is hard to generalize Arab Americans’ racial attitudes about African Americans.

She said there are Arab Americans who live among African Americans and interact with them professionally and personally without having any issues.

After the shooting of Alton Sterling and Filando Castile, Take On Hate organized a meeting between black, Arab and Muslim activists to explore ideas to increase political solidarity across communities.

Jermaine Carey of the Muslim Center Detroit urged sincerity in compassion.“There are black people who get shot and killed in Detroit on a daily basis,” he said.“I caution people against centering Arab life as if it’s more important than the overwhelming majority of people who get shot in Detroit who are actually black residents.” Walid pointed to the discrepancy in police presence and response time between the greater downtown area and the mostly black neighborhoods on the east and west sides, where Arab Americans own gas stations. “No one, I don’t care what color, what faith, should be dehumanized like that,” Tlaib told The Arab American News. A month later, Dearborn Police fatally shot Janet Wilson, a black woman they accused of using her car as a weapon to run over an officer who stopped her.The Kerner Commission Report blamed “an increasingly disturbed social atmosphere” for the unrest.

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