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Riley is voted into Ben's position as team captain of his and Tucker's softball team.

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The sitcom stars Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Ben Wheeler, a bartender, who while moving his brother Danny Wheeler (Derek Theler) into the apartment Ben shares with best friend Tucker Dobbs (Tahj Mowry), he's surprised when Emma, a baby girl, is left on his doorstep by Angela, a girl with whom he had a one-night stand.

He gets help from his mother Bonnie Wheeler (Melissa Peterman) and his close female friend Riley Perrin (Chelsea Kane) who also is in love with him.

Danny finally admits to Riley that he loves her, but she takes it as an act to get her out of the situation with Ben, so she goes along with it and thanks him.

On her way to return the stroller that the boys bought, Bonnie grabs the attention of a man on the street and begins using it like the boys did.

He takes care of Emma, with help from his mother Bonnie (Melissa Peterman), his roommate Tucker (Tahj Mowry), his best friend Riley (Chelsea Kane), and his brother Danny (Derek Theler). Bonnie is worried that the guys can't handle taking care of Emma.

When Angela returns, she leaves Ben adoption papers for Emma, which she has already signed and hopes that Ben will do the same. Ben, wanting to avoid his mother's "I told you so" and prove he can handle taking care of Emma, acts as though he has everything under control.Danny, now ready for Bonnie to begin dating, tries to set her up with any man he can find.Ben and Tucker put their friendship aside when they compete for the heart of Ava (Ashley Argota), a beautiful, young woman they both met at a concert.The guys appreciate all of Bonnie's help, but she becomes a little too overwhelming for them.Ben looks forward to his time with Emma when he's not working, but with Bonnie always jumping in to take care of her, he's starting to miss the time he is supposed to have with Emma.Ben breaks up with Cassie, because she thinks that Riley likes him, which Riley denies.

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