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Furthermore, a phone call allows for better communication.UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian discovered that, “ 58 percent of communication is through body language, 35 percent through vocal tone, pitch, and emphasis, and a mere 7 percent through content of the message.” During the call, verbally confirm the date’s location and time to avoid confusion.Don’t worry, below we’ll clear up the confusion and break down the rules of dating etiquette. Gents, manners matter and how you perform these manners could determine whether or not you get that second date.

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A simple “please” and “thank you” will take you far.

When on a dinner date, there is nothing more unattractive than a man who is rude to the waiter or waitress.

Table manners: Ever have those nightmares where a spaghetti strand unknowingly dangles from your mouth or you have something stuck in your teeth on a date? In fact, nine in ten women would turn down a second date because of bad table manners.

Don’t start eating before your date’s food has come and pace yourself during the meal. If you find yourself not being able to converse in conversation because your mouth is constantly full, you’re probably eating too fast.

Be straightforward and say something like, “it was nice to meet you, but I did not feel a connection.”Men, if you want to impress your date, follow these universal and updated etiquette tips!

Next time you’re on a date or are about to ask someone on a date, take a minute and think about how you’re presenting yourself. Relax, make sure you’re in a comfortable place and let the moment happen organically. Pay attention to her body language and don’t put so much pressure on yourself!When to call and when to text: After the date, send a thank you text to establish that you have enjoyed yourself and would like to see her again. However, at age 62 I began dating again (after a looooong pause) and, of course, the men I dated were my contemporaries with like expectations and attitudes unto mine, so I felt very little 'culture shock'. Simplicity: For the budding relationship, choose holding hands rather than instigating a 'suck-face' episode which suggests expectations beyond what is reasonable so early in the connection.What I did discover as I went, very nervously I might add, into this long neglected arena, was that certain basics of successful relationship building are timeless. Casual dates that focus on the gentle exchange of personalities rather than rock concerts that make one-on-one interaction next to impossible.Be a gentleman, be a man, and show her that good manners still exist!

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