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When you are working with real talent, it is much easier to achieve your musical goals.

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The album also introduces a strong Cajun flavour to Blair's work and on this showing, what a rich musical seam it promises to be.

In the tradition of many Celtic composers, Blair's music draws from the deep well of social and political injustice, both at home and abroad.

What Blair has done over the years to hone and perfect his talents through good times and not-so-good times by dint of sheer hard and often thankless work.

His musical expertise is a distillation of the tuition he received and the influences to which he was exposed, the years of playing and composing, and his recording and producing experience. On his mother's side he has strong connections with North Uist while his father's people had moved to Skye from the Border country around 150 years ago.

New CD out As would be said in Gaelic, Blair Douglas "did no need to buy" his musical ability, he inherited it from both sides of his family.

But genetics alone cannot explain this rare talent.

A short flirtation with a full time playing career in the late 70's proved unsuccessful and eventually led to Blair and Runrig (the 'Dance Band' tag having by this time been dumped) going their separate ways.

However Blair did return to play on Run Rig's Recovery in 1981.

He has achieved this is, providing us with a beautifully crafted CD which, though being remarkable in its originality, is unmistakably the work of Blair Douglas.

It features delightful airs (the composition of which is a speciality of Blair's) waltzes, pipe tunes which are destined quickly to become part of the many pipers' repertoire, laments including An Gaidheal Uasal for Donald Archie Mac Donald, a collector with the School of Scottish Studies, a gentleman, and an exemplary Gael.

Blair provided some answers to questions about the making of the album. You rely a lot on your own instincts and hope for the best!

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