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Some of them are accessible at home through the Internet.

The conditions that allow this ease of sexual procurement to exist are casually discussed within the forums of sites like Single Man’s Paradise, slighting the underlying concerns voiced by lawmakers and the media regarding the dangers of human trafficking bubbling beneath the surface of the Hong Kong sex scene.

Another area of concern is the enforcement of sex work laws.

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Bilingual signs on the door are flipped to say “Please Wait,” “I’m Busy,” “Come in,” or “Available.” One reads, “I’m worth the wait.” Most doors are decorated with stickers of sexy anime-esque women, some door space is more practically put to use with image-driven lists of what is not allowed in a room: scissors, knives, cameras, backpacks, etc.

Hong Kong is, from time to time, referenced by the lascivious faction of the international online community, as a hotspot for sex—whether via a night out in Lan Kwai Fong, the streets of Yau Ma Tei, or miss148

Inside, a line of young to middle-aged men queue for the elevator. The bewilderment on the men’s faces increases as we ride to the 22nd floor with them.

The elevator doors open to reveal a hallway spilling over with pink light, mirrored walls, and a thin strand of Christmas lights.

A 2016 Amnesty International report criticizing Hong Kong law states “police are mandated to reduce or eradicate sex work,” through laws condemning solicitation, “living off the proceeds of prostitution,” and running a “vice establishment.”The Hong Kong Police Public Relations Duty Officer stands by the enforcement of these laws, stating that “the primary objectives of police enforcement actions are to prevent exploitation of others for the purposes of prostitution, combat organized vice activities, and lessen the nuisance to members of the public that vice activities may cause.

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