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-------------V few changes has been made to increase app performance if the app keeps crashing on your phone send an email to [email protected] device model and os version - new "MAX" vfps value this will force the maximum vfps your phone can support - changing contrast & brightness from 0 to a higher value will need to restart connection to take effect - new information in HELP TROOBLESHOTING V - Added Feature to change contrast V - Web Video Recordings With Audio - Fixed Icons for lens picker V Changes: - Added ability to record videos using the web interface - Improved stream encoding - Few major bugs fixed"/ My Webcam is an amazing app to make your Windows Device a full capable remote wireless ip web camera for your local network, capture remote Pictures and saves it to your camera roll folder with a simple web interface that shows a live camera video.Adjust resolution, image quality and FPS manually which means that the program will work with every windows device with low ram memory usage.####### USAGE on Windows Phone 8.1 First make sure you are connected to your Wi Fi network, open the app there will be two working set profiles, they work as described bellow.

CDs are available in Eureka at Iris On Basin Park, Serendipity at the Crescent Hotel and from all major Digital Music Stores.

See catherinereed.comfor more information and CD sales.

Their friendship and mutual love of music encouraged them to produce 4 albums: Love the Way You Are (1981), You Are a Butterfly (1983), Windows of the Soul (1983), and Tea and Honey (1993).

Don’s unique writing and performance skills coupled with Scott’s special talent to create smooth harmonies have captured audiences throughout the Ozarks for almost 30 years. Catherine Reed After enjoying a long and successful music career throughout the United States and Canada, Catherine Reed left her home in Austin and moved to Eureka Springs which she has used her base of operations for nearly 20 years.

Like the classic framework of the 1950’s British motorbike, the Ariel, the friendship of band members David Burks, Karen Fitz Patrick, Pat Griffith, and Tony Walker allows for high velocity Ozark Rock, Rhythm, & Blues and familiar oldies.

Maxed Out and All The Best Days can be purchased at Eureka Thyme (121 E.

Our music has a folky, bluesy, jazzy, contemporary feel which we like to call, “Good Medicine.” Call: (479) 647-8844 Web: here to listen to Don & Scott.

Don & Scott Don Matt and Scott Thompson met in 1979 in Eureka Springs.

Brick and Fields Based in Eureka Springs, this duo has dedicated their lives to doing what they believe they were born to do … “The first time we played music together, we knew we wanted to work together and that it would be a life-long mission.

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