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When Leonard White took over the reins in 1962, he made the series more accessible while managing to retain the unique feel to many individual plays, and the 'glorious disasters' under Newman's reign were eliminated. Other ABC Armchair plays known to survive, apart from those reviewed on this page: 2.12 The Human Touch (Nov 24th 57), 2.29 The Emperor Jones (Mar 30th 58), 2.37 Death of Satan (May 25th 58), 2.47 The Travelling Lady (Aug 3rd 58), 3.7 The Terrorist (Oct 26th 58), 3.9 The Greatest Man in the World (Nov 9th 58), 3.17 The Sentry (Jan 4th 59), 3.20 Love and Money (Jan 25th 59), 3.26 The Bird, The Bear and the Actress (Mar 8th 59), 3.54 After the Show (Sept 20th 59), 3.55 Worm in the Bud (Sept 27th 59), 3.57 The Thought of Tomorrow (Oct 11th 59), 3.61 Small Fish are Sweet (Nov 8th 59), 3.62 The Last of the Brave (Nov 15th 59), 3.69 Lord Arthur Saville's Crime (Jan 3rd 60), 3.83 After the Funeral (Apr 3rd 60), 4.7 I'll Have You to Remember (Oct 23rd 60), 4.8 My Representative (Oct 30th 60), 4.21 Honeymoon Postponed (Jan 29th 61), 4.25 Tune on an Apron String (Feb 26th 61), 4.29 The Way of Love (Apr 9th 61), 4.43 The Rose Affair (Oct 8th 61), 4.48 A Tune on The Old Tax Fiddle (Dec 17th 61), 4.55 The Hard Knock (July 8th 62), 4.58 Nothing to Pay (Sept 2nd 62), 4.62 Always Something Hot (Oct 28th 62), 4.64 The Big Ride (Nov 25th 62), 4.66 Hear the Tiger See the Bay (Dec 23rd 62), 4.67 Blue and WHite (Jan 6th 63), 4.68 The Hot Potato Boys (Jan 20th 63), 4.69 Into the Dark (Feb 3rd 63), 4.70 The Paradise Suite (Feb 24th 63), 4.72 The Invasion (Mar 31st 63), 4.74 Wager (Apr 28th 63), 4.77 The Monkey and the Mohawk (June 9th 63), 4.78 The Push-Over (June 23rd 63), 4.79 Late Summer (July 7th 63), 4.80 A Little Night Music (July 21st 63), 4.82 Living Image (Aug 18th 63), 4.84 The Front Room (Sept 15th 63), 4.86 Little Doris (Oct 13th 63), 4.89 The Higher They Fly (Dec 1st 63), 4.90 The Swindler (Dec 15th 63), 4.91 A Way of Living (Dec 29th 63), 4.98 Prisoner and Escort (Apr 5th 64), 4.100 A Nice little Business (Apr 26th 64), 4.101 Pleasure Is Where She Finds It (May 3rd 64), 4.104 That's Where the Town's Going! He's a most confused passenger on a late night train that has arrived at the terminus of Scroop.Perhaps however also, the brilliance of the Newman era had also departed. (June 7th 64), 5.6 The Importance of Being Earnest (Nov 15th 64), 5.9 The Hothouse (Dec 13th 64), 5.11 I've Got a System (Jan 3rd 65), 5.13 The Lady with the Albatross (Feb 14th 65), 5.16 I Took My Little World Away (Mar 14th 65), 6.1 The Paraffin Season (Dec 4th 65), 6.2 The Gong Game (Dec 11th 65), 6.3 A Cold Peace (Dec 18th 65), 6.7 The Pity of It All (Jan 22nd 66), 6.8 Man Without a Mortgage (Mar 19th 66), 6.10 The Night Before the Morning After (Apr 2nd 66), 6.13 The Walls Came Tumbling Down (Apr 23rd 66), 6.14 The Match (Apr 30th 66), 6.15 Pretty Polly (July 23rd 66), 6.17 The One-Eyed Monster (Aug 6th 66), 6.22 Dead Silence (Sept 10th 66), 6.23 Barrett Keller: His Mark (Sept 17th 66), 6.24 Light the Blue Touch Paper (Sept 24th 66), 7.1 The Floating Population (Jan 28th 67), 7.3 What's Wrong with Humpty Dumpty? The unusually helpful staff take him to the Railway Arms, where he is put to bed, a local doctor examining him.

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This photo is from #2 The Yellow Pill, the story of a famous psychiatrist Dr Frame (Nigel Stock).

The police bring a strange man to him, a man who seems to know more about Dr Frame than is possible.

His characters must be more vital" Armchair Theatre menu .....

Script adapted by Norman Ginsbury and Jacques Sarch from the story by Alexander Dumas.

Director: George More O'Ferrall who was, claimed Ann Todd, responsible for getting this fine actress to perform this celebrated title role.

Stagey, but the plot moves with a satisfying pace, the fine camerawork focussing, in the style of the era, on the facial expressions of the cast. "He loves you more than anyone else in Paris." And she is smitten by him.

The Sentry, The Break, Love and Money (last 3 all ABC) Feb 1959: Hot Summer Night (ABC), Ernie Barger is 50 (ABC), No Fixed Abode (Granada), Rock-a-Bye Barnie (A-R), The Judge's Story (A-R) Mar 1959: The Fabulous Moneymaker (ABC), Sunday Out of Season (ATV), No Deadly Medicine (BBC), The Skin of Our Teeth (Granada) Apr 1959: The Woodcarver (BBC), The Secret Agent (ATV), Odd Man In (ATV), The Trouble with Benny (ABC), The Shadow of the Ruthless (ABC) Parole (ABC), Family On Trial (A-R), A Bit of Happiness (Granada- note: this exists in their archive) May 1959: A Phoenix Too Frequent (ATV), The Fortrose Incident (BBC), Dark Possession (BBC), Bellweather Nine (A-R), A Touch of the Sun (ATV), Hand in Glove, Till Death Us Do Part, Girl on the Beach, Wedding Day (last 4 all ABC) June 1959: The Haven (ATV), All You Young Lovers (BBC), The Wild Bird (ATV), The Model Marriage (ABC), A Kind of Freedom (A-R) July 1959: The Grandma Bandit (ABC), A House of His Own (ABC), Mark of the Warrior (A-R), Sugar In The Morning (Granada) Aug 1959: A Small Revolution (BBC), Shadow of a Pale Horse (Granada), Armchair Theatre double bill: 1) Black Laughter 2) Double Exit (ABC), Lysette (ABC) The Midnight Family, One a Penny, Two a Penny, The Hungry God (last 4 all A-R) Sept 1959: Our Best for Harry (A-R), Worm in the Bud (ABC), The Silk Purse (Granada) Oct 1959: Light from a Star (ABC), Thought of Tomorrow (ABC), The Blood Fight (Granada) Nov 1959: Street Scene (BBC), Our Miss Hammond (ATV), The Rebel and the Soldier (ABC), The Manor of Northstead (A-R), Engineer Extraordinary: Brunel (TWW) Dec 1959: Sweet Poison (Anglia), Maigret and the Lost Life (BBC), The Three Princes (BBC), Cinderella (BBC), Echo from Afar (BBC), The Turn of the Screw (A-R), A Man Involved (ATV), The Last Tycoon (ABC) Jan 1960: Never Die (BBC) Incident (A-R), Lord Arthur Savile's Crime (ABC), Misfire (ABC), Where I Live (ABC), Cold Fury (ABC) Feb 1960: Night Panic (ABC), Come In Razor Red (ABC), Fiddlers Four (Granada), Song of Louise in the Morning (A-R), A Holiday Abroad (ATV), The Tip-Off (ATV) Mar 1960: Journey's End (BBC), Parasol (BBC) Decision at Nine (ATV), Stop on the Way (ATV), China Doll (ABC), Roman Gesture (ABC), A Leap in the Dark (Granada), At Home (A-R) Some Talk of Alexander (ABC), The Birthday Party (A-R), Breakaway (A-R), The Trap (Anglia), Master of Arts (ABC/ Southern), Petrushka (TTTV) April 1960: Meeting with Johnny (BBC), The Boy Who Carried a Torch (BBC), The Empty Chair (Southern) May 1960: The Elder Statesman (BBC), Hay Fever (ATV), The Big Night (ATV), Lucky Strike (Anglia), A Moment in the Sun (A-R), The Ostrich (A-R), A Phone Call for Matthew Quade, Nest of Four, On the Spot, (last 3 all ABC).

June 1960: An Arabian Night (A-R), The Unquiet Spirit (ATV), The Big Wheel (ABC), Flag Fall (ABC).

More dreadful trombone music, playing Now The Day Is Over.

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