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I want to see you play a drama with Yoon Eun-Hye again! I am so impressed by your attitude n the way u address the public..u... hope you comeback soon, and maybe will pair with kim go eun again in romantic drama or movie? I seen your acting in coffee prince , train to busan and goblin drama also, you have a really good acting .

im a simple woman like the way you act infront of camera.i hope your kind and handsome in reallife. Your such a versatile actor can switch to another performance, so amasing i think your a humble and down to earth person, stay there!! Such a great and impressive actor, cant wait to see you in your next project!!! I watched ur interviews and found u to be a very humble n polite person. 19 year apart ....realy hoping to see you soon when im travelling to korea......

gorgeous on screen of course, had the best fight sceens in SUSPENSE, yet, the most poignant in SILENCED. i look forward to more of his sightings on the silver screen! I am in my fourth year of watching Korean Dramas, and he is one of the main reason why I still watch them. having watched all your dramas and most of your movies and having read almost all the english articles and reviews about you I realized you are not really inappropriate :-) you are simply the best! with a big drama please :( you were AWEOSME at every single drama you made coffee prince & big was my very favourite :( we love you so much Gong Yoon strike everywhere, knows how to sing, play piano, acting, modeling. I like Yoon Eun Hye they are good partners, they have chemistry. I can write more script to help GYEH has some ideas for new CP 2 if they like to have my help. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I continue to watch korean dramas and love them but find myself always returning to yours because nobody has made my heart race so much like you! unwell unquestionably come further formerly again as exactly the same nearly a lot often inside case you shield this increase.

watched SUSPENSE a few years ago, as well as SILENCED (but didn't make the connect, as a slightly newer kdrama viewer). I just finished watching Coffee Prince for the third time and I am still mesmerized by him, he makes his story so believable . Oh this is getting long...the bottom of my heart i salute Yoo :-) Gong Yoo we missed you so much its been a very long time that we have been waiting :( we want you back!!! It sounds very crazy, but I wrote it through my heart and all real life story. After that I had to look into more of your dramas so I found biscuit teacher and star candy and wow.... I kept watching all your dramas and movies and have to say that I'm truly a fan! nonetheless, you command get got an edginess over that you wish be delivering the following.

It would be a wonder as used in this part of he world that he had contact with their fan on Facebook or other web sides.

By the way, He is wonderful and I can add he is extremely handsome, he is a dream. Sorry by my english :-) First of all, I never watch Korean drama and I didn't think so if I'll see it some day !

Great climax from the first episode, gong yoo youre such a best actor. And I can't believe he's 37..looks amazing...swoon~ Wishing you lots of success and will be watching his previous movies and drama to keep me preoccupied while I wait for Goblin!

Too bad you haven't filmed in Australia; it would be fascinating to see behind the scenes! i hope you could visit my country, Philippines :) i hope you could go to body shop SM Mall of Asia. At first I dont want to watch this drama just because the name of the drama 'Goblin'. It was sooooo great and I didnt regret to wait for the next episode. I thought you'd be a kickass legendary mythical being but the writer made your character a lame, hormonal god w/ selective hearing. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your next project w/c hopefully will have lots of action & suspense. I always loved him and I first saw him in the drama"Big" he was so awesome there as always and I fell for him more after goblin.. Such a great actor and can't wait to see more of his work I just can't get enough! lives d character tat he plays, yet seems innocent in his interviews. I hope u both are still friends and hope u will do a movie with yeh in the near tutor friend to train to busan.journey is outstanding... I really love your interview.words are always careful with deep thoughts.. I really like your acting styles watching you makes me me feel good/great/happy. Hope to see more of your projects soon (hey, producers dont waste your time and resources..Gong Yoo in great projects..well, even if you project isn't that great but with Gong Yoo in it, it will surely be a hit! God bless and keep on inspiring people :-) ....i'm a fan cheering for Yoo and believing in Yoo. All of fans around the world, please pray and help Korean victims for bad news Korean sink ferry. Your characters fit you perfect as an excellent actor in all your movie, and dramas.Recently watched Goblin was fantastic, Train to Busan good too, Silenced was very disturbing but appreciate tat u ppl put effort to bring it to light. I really hope you will end up with yooneunhye...u both are magical couples ..u always made me smile and happy.... We are all Korean fans hope their families victim will become happy soon. Hey you agencies this guy fights, and should be on more flicks. I am your fan since I watched Coffee Prince and Big.I met him in 2016 in Québec city during the filming of Goblin. and first korean actor (gong yoo) that is actually worth watching - - good luck - - i look forward to seeing something of you on the next sundance film festival or on independent film festival. Hope he comes out with more projects though, I had already watched most of them and in repeated mode. He through the screen with their performances and really make me feel the feelings of his characters.It was so easy talking to him because there were almost nobody who knew him. To: Solimar and other Gong Yoo's fans, you girls may support him by liking his agent's official FB page : facebook dot com / soopent . It makes me happy just when look his works and hear he sing. It's a shame that he do not have much contact with Latino fans, here in Puerto Rico has many followers, I include myself among them. Their undeniable legit natural talents makes it worth it. Glad to hear you're taking a much needed break, bro. I'm older than you & wanna give you my two cents, the right woman will come when it's time. I'd hate to see you having gone this far maturely & just settle for just anyone 'coz of the pressure from others who btw aren't the ones who'd be living your life, you are. I'd like to see you in more suspense, thriller movies. gosh..know i am one of your fun here in the philippines and im hoping for the part two of your movie....i already finish the movie "goblin"...i like it ...i also want to be viewed here in philippines at asecond time... Did she do it when she wrote Descendants of the Sun? I love your eyes, your expression, your persona, your smile and your gesture when you act.

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