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Other Interesting Things: Kailee Wong’s wife is Mario Lopez’s (A. Slater from Saved by the Bell) sister, Marissa Lopez.

NFL Career: Achiu played in the earlier years of the NFL for the Dayton Triangles in 19 where he played running back and defensive back.

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Demps’ father is African-American and mother is Korean.

Other Interesting Things: According to Demps, he can speak Korean at a conversational level.

15 percent of South Koreans are biracial and biracial Koreans face strong discrimination in South Korea.

Hines Ward being born of an interracial couple himself has become an outspoken advocate for ethnic minorities in South Korea.

Ward frequently travels to South Korea to speak for social justice and has created the Helping Hands Foundation help biracial Korean children.

NFL Career: After going undrafted in the 2002 NFL draft, the Baltimore Ravens signed Demps as free agent to play Safety.Whoever created this world probably didn’t design the our Asian bodies for football and if I were to question why there aren’t many Asians in the NFL, I’d get such a response. The NFL, unlike the NBA, doesn’t favor 7 feet tall athletes in such a way that the NBA does.In fact, most corner backs and running backs are between 5’11” and 6’3″ and race or ethnicity has nothing to do with why Asians are physically limited in getting into football.If I were to walk up and ask random people on the street to name an Asian football player? Would they believe me if I told them there have been a few Asian football players in the NFL?Would I have better luck asking the same question in Chinatown? Simply because there has only been a hand full of Asians that has made it as far as the NFL anyway.Family Background: Wong was born in Eugene, Oregon.

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