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Also helps you identify apps and settings which may slow down your phone.Plus if you ever lose your phone, it helps you find and locate it using satellite technology and can keep your personal data safe by locking or wiping it.It's easy to use and works on all versions of Androidâ„¢ OS, v2.0 onwards.

Unlike other security&privacy programs on the market, you don't need to be an expert user or adept with the ins and outs of antivirus protection to get the best out of AVG Antivirus Free.

The program opens with a helpfully laid-out dashboard which makes all of its functions accessible.

With the free version, your emails are scanned to look for dodgy links and attachments as well as providing the ability to scan for anything that might have worked its way onto your computer already.

In addition, real-time security updates are available for you.

So no matter what sort of PC protection you choose, you get free mobile protection as well.

Combats viruses and malware so you can make calls, receive SMS, download music, video, and apps, and surf the web confidently, knowing you're always kept safe.We check your files before you open them, your Facebook links before you click, your email before it gets to you and your websites before you visit them.There are times when it's good to get things we're not expecting and times when it's not.Once downloaded, simply ask it to update for the latest viral threats and run a scan.Anything that is detected as inappropriate will be instantly quarantined by the software so that you can remove it, if needed.To keep scan times to a minimum, it ignores files that it has already scanned and knows are safe.

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