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They are going to eliminate parking spots to build the new ones.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, we only have 37 kilometres of separate, protected bike lanes.

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That’s why Vision Zero was born in the same deadly year.

According to the Vision Zero website, between 20, there were 869 seniors killed or seriously injured in a collision with a motor vehicle.

On June 15, 2018, Mayor John Tory directed staff to draw $13 million from the city’s $260 million 2017 budget surplus to add more road safety signs, red light cameras, and infrastructure in 2018.

Last week, in response to this crisis, Toronto city council increased that amount further to $22 million, bringing the Vision Zero budget to $43.3 million for 2018 and a total of $109 million over five years.

The mayor, however, should perhaps look at good examples from other Canadian cities like Montreal.

According to , Montreal has just approved funding for 33 kilometres of new bike lanes, to add to 846 they already have, 350 of which are totally separate from car traffic.Earlier this year, Statistics Netherlands also published the annual road fatalities and the fact that “cycling is deadlier than driving.” Two-thirds of the cycling deaths were people over 65 years of age.More people have been cycling in the Netherlands, especially the elderly.That’s the highest death toll since at least 2005, the oldest year on record in data recently released by the city.The figures show that 2016 also saw the highest number of older people killed on the streets in a decade.Over that 16-year time span, seniors accounted for an average of 447 deaths per year.

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