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I'm asking because when I read or talk to people about dating apps, experienced users tend to tell me that I should find out what's popular in that particular city. But I love that there's a ton of opportunity and a lot of interesting people in the area. Boston is a big city so all the big dating apps & sites are used around here from what I understand (tinder, bumble, grindr, okcupid, pof, etc).

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I don't know anyone that's found a match through Po F or Artists, musicians, writers, comedians, performers. Bonus points for tattoos or dyed hair or wacky music tastes. And I'm the kind of guy that doesn't go to dance clubs. Bumble can be a great tool for a lot of fine folks - just not for me.

People who open Tinder at the airport to skew everyone's results are the worst. Are you certain you'll find success in trying to attract someone and fuck them all during the course of a single layover?

But the replies are generally awesome when they do come in.

There's a reddit-group-singles-meetup for it every few months and those can be pretty fun.

I was on the market for a few months last autumn, and paid for ok Cupid for a month or two because I wanted to see who was looking at me. Then I found my g/f a month-ish afterwards (on OKC) and now we're going on 8 months and just signed an apartment lease together, so things there have gone pretty well. I can verify from the accounts of my g/f (and a few people who politely turned me down) though, there's a lot of assholes, inconsolably angry boys, and unsolicited dick pic'ers out there. Just seconding OKC, Pretty much any dating site/app is gonna come with a whole slew of baddies, there is a decent pool of good ones on there for the 20s-30s.

Been in a relationship for just over a year and a half and couldn't be happier!I went on plenty of dates using Coffee Meets Bagel and Ok Cupid (and Match, back in the day when I would bother to pay for anything) but my feeling was that it was best to look where the majority of people are. It's pretty easy to sift out who just wants to hook up vs. (My roommate found her boyfriend via Bumble, but I never had much success on that one.)Okcupid (I pay) for relationships, bumble / tinder for a nightly plaything (lol, "I don't do hookups" - they all do).Just make sure you put your dealbreakers in OKC (you want kids or not / whatever other quirks you have or can't stand) and you'll do just fine. Bring them to Yappier Hour at the Liberty to meet people. I'm pretty guarded in person but at Yappier Hour I'm a chatty cathy and notice lots of other people are as well.As we're such a small square mileage radius city, always such a bummer when one hour later, match is thousands of miles away lol.My experience as a late 20's guy: I've used okcupid, Meetup, and eharmony.Tinder gets me my shittiest matches, but most replies.

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