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When logging into ubuntu-server 10.04 via ssh I see: 17 packages can be updated. But apt-get update; apt-get upgrade shows that nothing needs updating.

And indeed I have been keeping up to date, I downloaded the rsync update this morning.

bsd updating motd-42

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The network and Webmin are amply sufficient for to administer this Free BSD Server.

Installation I disadvise strongly the use of a Graphic Interface for one production Server, for an ease of maintenance and Update.

If the programmers of The Apache Software Foundation have completely rewritten this version of HTTP Server Apache is not for nothing.

Apache is the most popular of Web Servers on the Internet and that since April 1996 this is a benchmark for Web Server, personally I do not know better.

Free BSD which incidentally is very well maintained and possesses rather brilliant orders to update or for install components as well as their dependences.

Let us use the power of the System to have no errors of compilation, the presented method is of the simplest.

Instead, first rebuild the ports that depend on it, # then remove the old Berkeley DB versions.

# # portupgrade -N db6-6.0.20 # # portmaster apr apache22 # portmaster ap22-mod_security # portmaster ruby # portmaster portupgrade # portmaster php5- # of Free BSD I read quite a lot of stupidities on the Net, especially concerning Apache, Bind et My SQL, the correct syntax is that presented below, this gives complete satisfaction with the aforesaid Servers.

# This file now contains just the overrides from /etc/defaults/

defaultrouter="" hostname="" ifconfig_em1="inet netmask broadcast" ifconfig_em2="inet netmask broadcast" ifconfig_em0="inet netmask broadcast 192.1" ifconfig_em0_alias0="inet 192.1 netmask broadcast 192.1" named_enable="YES" ntpdate_enable="YES" # Set dumpdev to "AUTO" to enable crash dumps, "NO" to disable dumpdev="NO" #proftpd_enable="YES" #samba_enable="YES" webmin_enable="YES" mysql_server_enable="YES" dbus_enable="YES" hald_enable="YES" avahi_daemon_enable="YES" keymap="fr.kbd" #nfs_server_enable="YES" #rpcbind_enable="YES" apache22_enable="YES" sshd_enable="YES" inetd_enable="YES" #postgresql_enable="YES"# Free BSD /boot/# Driver ATAPI devices atapicam_load="YES" # The use of applications like cdrdao or cdrecord # Filesystem and related modules cd9660_load="YES" # ISO 9660 filesystem # Sound modules sound_load="YES" # Digital sound subsystem snd_hda_load="YES" # Intel High Definition Audio (Controller) For find the Driver of the Sound card with a Free BSD Machine, visit the Website Sound Devices find the Name of the chipset of the Driver of the Sound card, look if the Name of the chipset exists in this file /boot/defaults/In the section Sound modules, then copy him in the file /boot/as indicated above.

How do I trace this back to what writes those messages?

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