Byu provo dating

The table of desired qualities was mostly similar between men and women, but there were some interesting variances: 40% of men and 68% of women wanted someone who was ambitious, a hard worker.

32% of men and 59% of women wanted someone who is educated.

Some found serious conflicts as they got to know each other better; jealousy, possessiveness, lack of balance, cheating, different values [although this wasn’t quite the issue at the Y as elsewhere] were among the issues cited.

There was also a section on “false starts,” meaning unrequited love and breakups.

Many cited loss of feelings or not having enough in common in these situations.

Roughly 20% of both men and women claimed five or more dates per month.

Only 7% of the men and 16% of the women reported not having been on a date during the previous month.

The most common strategy for doing so was to spend more one on one time together outside of the group.

One young woman said in effect that someone has to actually say the word “date.” For some students, an increase in physical intimacy, such as holding hands, cuddling or kissing defines the switch.Many BYU students averaged as many dates in a single month as women at other schools had over their entire four years of college. Men still do most of the inviting, and dinner and a movie, play, concert or similar event is the typical date, although less expensive activities like hiking are also common. It has become more common in recent years for women to issue date invitations.Just over half of the men and well over half of the women feel that they do not date as much as they would like to.About 2/3 of national women and BYU men hoped to find a spouse at college, but the authors were surprised that this figure was only 57% for BYU women, many of whom clearly wanted to graduate before marriage.BYU students are more likely to see marriage as coming in the next five to ten years than the national poll, and they are also more likely to see marriage as a happier state than being single or cohabiting.Just “feeling it’s the right thing to do” was next.

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