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His rejection of rigid culinary convention won over gourmands and went to scoop numerous honors and awards, while his cuisine was profiled internationally.

Recent years have seen Pairet circle the earth to present his unique vision at gatherings of the world’s culinary heavyweights.

Pairet’s food started conversations, inspired articles and collected awards.

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“Provocative and innovative, his creative flair, daring experimentation and inspired dishes continue to influence chefs around the world.” Like his experimental and avant-garde project, Pairet could be “turbulent, unpredictable, unconventional” for some in the culinary world.

“In the end”, says Pairet, “It is the feeling, emotion that evoked by the dish that counts.” Whether using tinned sardines to produce sophisticated, avant-garde fine dining, or using sophisticated, avant-garde techniques to produce the simplest of French dishes, Paul Pairet is a culinary egalitarian.

Supported by the multi sensorial technologies, each course is enhanced with its own taste-tailored atmosphere, including visual, audio and olfactory compositions.

Almost instantly, Ultraviolet wows Shanghai, and has been blessed with passionate reviews from the diners, trade and critics, and described as, simply, “the best dining experience ever”.

A single noodle, presented in a concentric circle, made of fresh cuttlefish.

A beef short rib, glistening on an over-sized bone. The former scientist student has a simple philosophy: At Ultraviolet, Pairet’s author’s cuisine is at its best: a 20-course meal lends to a blend of experimentation and comfort, of avant-garde and simplicity.In fact, Pairet’s cooking at Mosaic made such an impression on Ducasse that it was the master chef himself who subsequently plucked Pairet out and arranged his next move: Istanbul.Pairet then took his talents to the Ritz-Carlton’s Cam, where he turned the hotel outfit into the city’s first cutting-edge restaurant. Pairet came to Shanghai in 2005 to open Jade on 36, the flagship restaurant of the Shangri-La group’s flagship hotel, the Pudong Shangri-La.There is no “better” or “worse” when it comes to flavor, there is simply a universe of flavors, a palette of differences to paint with liberal doses of imagination.Aside flavors, Pairet plays with texture and smell, he tricks the eye, cracks jokes in dishes, challenges preconceived ideas, and expectations, makes you think for a second: Wonder how? He designs and wraps dishes in eye-catching, conversation-stopping, plain beautiful presentations.After 3 years of making, it has opened in May 2012, somewhere in Shanghai.

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