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It was created in Southern Germany in 2011 and boasts over 20 million worldwide users, though admittedly it’s more popular outside the United States.

Jaumo is free to use, though its “red carpet version” is available to users as well.

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Which is why I’m hoping it starts doing better soon.

While the Ostrovsky’s have had success building a website before (Med Gadget) Heal Cam seems to be floundering.

It’s like Chatroulette, but with more compassion and less full frontal nudity.

So far, Heal Cam is off to a slow start, but it’s another example of how the web is empowering patients to find ways they can support and treat themselves. Patients talk to other patients to exchange stories and draw comfort from shared experiences.

The site opened on June of 2010, but according to comments Michael Ostrovksy made to ABC News, it still is only getting up to 2000 visitors a day, and that’s in uneven spurts.

When I logged on to Heal Cam recently there was exactly 1 visitor – me.

There is strength in numbers and comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

Heal Cam has the right idea, let’s hope that they get it to work.

The general trend of patient empowerment continues because of the underlying promise the internet holds to that end.

The merger of information technology and medical is poised to revolutionize healthcare, but we haven’t quite seen the benefits yet.

There have even been extraordinary patients who, by taking their treatments into their own hands, have expanded upon and improved healthcare for other patients who share their illness.

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