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The developer got an SSL certificate and setup pages where patients can make appointments and the doctor can receive patient requests and notices, “securely”.However, the developer didn’t have any real training in security, none in HIPAA, and as a result, PHI was being sent in the clear, there were no audit trails or logs, SSL security was not enforced, and may other serious issues plagued the site. Creating a web site that has “secure” components requires more than slapping together some web pages and adding an SSL Certificate.

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Without SSL encryption, there is little or no protection of the data.

We will now review how to make sure that you set things up correctly to make maximal use of SSL and to So, how can your SSL Certificate help mitigate the possibility of eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle, and phishing?

So relative links like the following should be avoided: Side Note: These days, it is recommended that you use SSL for ALL pages of your web site, not just the “important ones”.

This is good for user trust, security, and privacy.

At a minimum, reading this article will help you to intelligently discuss your web site security with the developers that you ultimately hire. In either case, your web host will need to install the certificate on the server where your web site is hosted, and then you will need to make changes to your site to take full advantage of the secure channel that you have added.

By far the most significant reason that people use SSL to secure their web site pages is to provide encryption of the data sent to and from their web site and the end user.

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If you have one of these certificates, then the address bar of your browser turns tell if someone is trying to trick them with a fake certificate, you will want to use an Extended Validation certificate.

All such a certificate really does is create a thin veneer of security — one that does not go very far to protect whatever sensitive data necessitated security in the first place.

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