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Everything tastes better with salt and butter I truly believe that this is the motto in the culinary industry.

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For configuration information, CFEngine uses its own declarative language to create "promises," or policy statements.

Puppet, on the other hand, uses a Ruby DSL to create its manifests.

So my suggestion is to start scoping out all the single chefs in your neighborhood.

CFEngine is actually significantly older than Puppet or Chef, dating back to 1993.

Conclusion At a high level if coding and complexity doesn't scare you, if small agent footprints and speed matter and you'll take control and scale over simplicity then CFEngine may be for you.

If the relatively smoother onboarding and simpler model driven approach is more attractive then Puppet may well be for you.In general, both Puppet and CFEngine offer broad cross-platform support.Take a look at the following for in-depth information regarding specific OS options: CFEngine's supported platforms Puppet's supported platforms Community Puppet and CFEngine both have strong user communities, as they are both mature tools.Puppet's model-driven approach means a smaller learning curve, which makes it a preferred option for sysadmins with limited coding experience.The model-driven approach also takes on a lot of the responsibility for dependency management.After only three months of living together, the added butter on my belly needed to end and I had to force him into more sensible cooking. As time progressed, I picked up on his palette and commentary: the sauce is missing some salt, the beef is slightly overcooked, the tartar is lacking flavor. Having a personal live-in chef makes staying home just as good (if not better) then dining out.

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