Chibikko kaiju yadamon

At that time, he never drew sex scenes, avoided pictures of genitals and made nudes cute rather than sexy.

His fans supported him throughout the PTA protests.

He is credited with creating the Super Robot genre and for designing the first mecha robots piloted by a user from within a cockpit with Mazinger Z. While passing his ronin year in a prep school in order to aim at the Waseda University, he suffered a severe case of diarrhea for 3 weeks.

Aware of his own mortality, he wanted to leave some evidence that he had lived, by doing something that he liked as a child: working on manga.

His first works consisted entirely of short gag comedy manga. In less than a year after debuting, he met with a big success.

After being an unknown manga artist, he became a protagonist of televised debates and journalistic investigations.

Male students and teachers were depicted as being preoccupied with catching glimpses of girls' panties or naked bodies.

Many parents, women's associations, and PTAs protested.

They sent him letters where they expressed how they were aware that the adults cracking down on them were reading raunchier stuff than what Nagai was producing.

As a result of the protests, when the series was about to be cancelled because of the PTA, Nagai changed the theme in Harenchi Gakuen into a more mature and serious matter, from nonsense gags with sexy touches, to a full-scale war where murder was depicted in the bloody way for which many know him.

Shortly before that, in 1969, Abashiri Ikka (あばしり一家) was created.

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