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Does this thought excite you or does it make you feel like you just digested a can of the aforementioned Play-Doh? And you need to have your own identity beyond your spouse.

But if you don’t want to become like the person you’re dating, should you be dating?

Your significant other shouldn’t seek to totally change you, but they should seek to challenge you to grow. We all go through intense, all-encompassing communication training for years; it’s called childhood.

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Become like some figment of their unrealistic dating imagination?

Or are they challenging you to become more like Christ and consequently, become a better, authentic you?

But just because you want to pretend your monsters don’t exist doesn’t mean they’re just going to magically go away. As I wrote in my book 101 Secrets for your Twenties,“Newly married and living in a small apartment is no place to store a luggage set full of your baggage.

And marriage has the amazing ability to take all that you hoped would remain hidden and put it on stage for a nationally televised interview that your in-laws will be watching. Begin to ditch those bags now.” Marriage is as everyday as it gets.

One of the biggest lies of our culture is that attraction is solely about appearance.

If you can just get your hair, abs, complexion, and clothes just right, then “The One” will scamper to you like a squirrel to a nut factory. Sure, appearance might catch someone’s eye, but it’s personality, values, faith, heart and those other intangible things that’s going to make them stay. We all have values that direct us and help us make decisions—those beliefs that are fundamental to how you are wired, guiding your actions, thoughts, plans and purpose on this earth.

Sure we’re not our parents, and we can work to change our communication habits.

However, for many of us, our fallback communication plan will be the one our parents laid out for us.

When I was dating I remember constantly being smothered with that one giant question. To magically stumble upon “The One” like finding the gold at the end of a rainbow that is being carried by a unicorn with leprechaun jockey.

But how are you supposed to know which one is the right one?

If your visions for the future look very different, it’s better to discuss it now than to be surprised by it later.

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