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In the process, Cady unwittingly remakes herself in Regina's image, becoming spiteful and superficial, and abandons Janis and Damian.

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You may remember Christina Aguilera due to her being a famous talented superstar, as well as from such “bisexual” events as her music video for Not Myself Tonight and the Great Madonna-Britney-Christina Kiss and for being one of the best vocalists of her generation.

She came out as bisexual at the height of her career.

You can buy a penis if that’s your primary concern. In 2016, she was nominated for a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism.

And although wearing a strap-on does not feel like being a man with a penis, being fucked by one does not feel all that incredibly different so JUST STOP SAYING THAT THING.

Also, according to the United Nations, a child dies every 6 seconds from malnutrition. Maybe I’m just saying this because “girls are so crazy with all their estrogen I can’t imagine ever dating one” is something many of us said once to deny accusations of our homogayness.

Check out to learn how you can help be a part of the solution. We’re not sure if this is supposed to annoy us or not. Back in May Christina Aguilera said the following for her OUT magazine cover story: Nevertheless, Aguilera knows what this girl wants. If anyone wants to go try and hook up with Xtina and get back to us that would be great.

Meanwhile, Cady becomes attracted to Regina's ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels, whom a jealous Regina proceeds to steal back at a Halloween party by kissing him in front of Cady.

This spurs Cady to fully commit to Janis' plan to cut off Regina's "resources", which involve breaking Regina and Aaron up, tricking her into eating Swedish "nutrition bars" that actually make her gain weight, and turning Regina's fellow Plastics against her.

That’s why I like to talk about the fact that sometimes I am attracted to women. This was around the time she released her video for “Not Myself Tonight,” which featured Christina sharing some S&M-themed moments with another woman. My husband and I check in with each other, but I definitely love women. I don’t think I could ever really be with a woman because that’s a lot of…what do you call it? Yeah, there’s a lot of estrogen and I’m a lot to deal with when it’s that time of the month, so I can’t imagine it times two. When it comes to having a relationship with a woman, it appears she is not so interested, or at least had yet to engage in something emotional with someone of the same sex.

When Out asked her about the song’s line “I’m kissing all the girls, I’m kissing all the boys,” she responded: I don’t get to kiss all the girls and the boys, but my husband knows that I get into girls. Although she doesn’t specifically refer to herself as bisexual, it does seem that Christina isn’t straight.

While neither Christina or Sam have commented, and it’s usually hit or miss with gossip sites like x17, we do know that the singer has discussed her interest in women in the past.

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