sheer velocity dating in the dark - Chrome most visited not updating

When I open a new tab I am just getting a completely blank screen.

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A few weeks later I had some free evenings on my hands and decided to combine a few interests of mine: Listening to music, consuming high quality whisky and analyzing malware – regrettably one of those things is frowned upon at work, and it’s not malware analysis.

😉 I had most of the binaries reversed and already written up a few pages, when Kaspersky released an article with some more details than previously publicly known.

I've read through other solutions that have worked for others, but none of them seem to work for me.

I don't have the little gear icon showing up when I open a new tab to choose to set it to show my top sites...

The grid of most visited sites that showed up in a chrome newtab is not showing up.

It turns out chrome doesn't display the most visited site grid when the newtab page is set to 150% zoom. Don't like the new "New Tab" page with the Google logo and search bar since Chrome 33?Install this extension to get the previous "New Tab" page back!For extensions, you can enable it again if you have installed them like ad block plus or any other. Right under the Google Search Box is where the Trending Searches was appearing and to the right of that was the "dots bar" giving the option to turn off Trending Searches. A malware explicitly designed to sabotage the computer systems of the Olympic opening ceremony sounded very interesting, but other duties were more pressing at that time, so analysis for pure curiosity had to wait.Simply browse to each of the sites on your new tab page, then close any tabs and open a new one.

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