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This was happening to me with Fire Fox and Chrome on one machine. For what it worth I can open the link above in both Fire Fox and Chrome on the "problem" machine.

Quicken will automatically retrieve the most recent 90-days of transactions from the financial institution, including those that have already been downloaded.

Your Financial Institution Changed Their Format for FITID This can cause duplicate transactions to download, because Quicken flags previously downloaded transactions by the FITID as a mechanism to prevent duplicates from downloading.

If you need to import investment or business data, we recommend that you use QIF import instead.

(Your financial institution may refer to this as direct connect.) When you connect to update transactions and balances, you retrieve information for all accounts at the currently selected financial institution that have been activated for online account access in Quicken.

When that FITID changes on existing transactions and they're transmitted to Quicken, Quicken has no way of knowing that they're really duplicates of previously downloaded transactions.

After Quicken downloads your transactions, you can review the transactions before entering them in your register in a matching process called Compare to Register.

Quicken may be able to upgrade accounts you currently update through your financial institution's Web site to another connection type that you can use with One Step Update.

If this is the case, Quicken prompts you with a message to this effect.

I reported it before when the forum first opened, but others reported it not happening for them.

Note I reported that some of the FAQ pages came up blank.

You'll know a transaction is selected because it will be shaded after you select it.

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