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“There’s a very definite trend where the older you get — the closer you get to 30 — while being unmarried, the more likely you are to leave the church or to go inactive,” Vandagriff said.

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It gets to the point where you relate more to nonmembers than to members of the church in many respects.” The judgment definitely impacts Vandagriff’s activity in the church, he said, but not his testimony.

When Vandagriff served as an Elder Quorums president, he noticed his quorum’s activity levels decreased as the men aged and got closer to 30.

“It was great in the time of my life when I was there, but it really did become time for me to move on because it was impacting my self-esteem.” Arnesen lived in the Provo area for about six years of her single adult life, and said she didn’t feel a lot of understanding from her peers.

Now, she lives in Pleasant Grove and said the median age in her YSA ward is about 24-25.

Vandagriff said he has some older friends who lie about their age on Tinder.

Though he said this would be an awkward conversation to have later on in the date, he understands why those friends do it.

She doesn’t have kids to pick up from daycare, doesn’t need to help anyone finish homework and doesn’t need to make meals for anyone but herself.

But as a 28-year-old Mormon in Utah, this isn’t exactly the norm.

She said Mormons get married about three years earlier than the national average.

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