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The blending of these practices created a very unique, oral tradition-based religion. Anthropologists believe that the Yorùbá migrated from various Middle Eastern regions including Egypt and Assyria.

The Yorùbá religion embraces a form of trance divination used to communicate with the spirit world.

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The transformation of the original religion can be seen in how the Yorùbá deities (Orichás) were blended with the Catholic saints.

Not all initiates are on the path to becoming a priest or priestess, but all initiates have a godparent to sponsor and help them learn.

It's important to note that many of the Santeria practices are ritual reminders to the practitioners of their history as slaves from Africa.

There are very complex and specific rituals for afflictions by spirits, such as an intrusive spirit that attaches itself to a person or is conjured and sent to create havoc in a person's life or relationship.

The drums are considered sacred and only men can play them.

The dancers show their respect by never turning their backs to the drummers.Spirits are often blamed for bad luck as well as illnesses.Since the Santeria belief system is based on the theory that all life comes from a primal life force known as the aché or growth, the aché is very central.The afflicted consults and works with a priest or priestess to not just resolve his issue, but also the spiritual issue binding the troubled spirit.The priest or priestess assists in first ascertaining if there is a struggle with a spirit, known as a spiritual twisting (trastornos).Many of these practices seem similar to Voodoo, such as inviting spirits to possess ritual participants so they can communicate with the divine.

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