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However, there is one relationship that will never let you down: the one you have with your gym.

I don't know about you, but between work and my personal life, I feel like I'm always in front of a screen -- computer, phone, television, tablet, it doesn't matter. It's seemingly the only activity left where I have a viable excuse to not be in constant contact."Sorry, my phone was in my locker!

Spending an hour getting ready is rarely worth it in the end. When you go out, you're typically drinking and eating things that aren't really good for your body.

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Protein shakes and grilled chicken are almost as nice, though. ' and 'a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! You'll probably start to question whether he owns any other sort of material other than Lycra.

Just a heads up: this is by no means acceptable to wear on a date.

You may think a bar is the best place to find a date, but at the gym, you're surrounded by good-looking people who, for the most part, are wearing tight-fitting, revealing clothing.

There's also a ton of pent-up sexual energy at the gym, so not only is working out good for you, it could result in a hot date later that night.

Whether you're nervous about going out with someone for the first time or just looking forward to spending time with your significant other after work kicked your ass all week, there's no greater disappointment than the ping of a text followed by a bullsh*t cancellation.

It's bad enough being bailed on via text as opposed to an actual phone conversation, but when you don't even get a real reason why, well, you should've just made plans with the gym in the first place.

And it's not just those going on first dates; I have friends in relationships that can only be described as toxic.

The gym will never reject you for how you look, the dumb sh*t you say and the person you really are.

It's the combination of trying a new workout, using different equipment and seeing hot people work their asses off that will push you to really give it your all.

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