Dating for toyboys

A third of the singletons had difficulty finding dates, and wanted to start a romance if only they could find the right person.

The main reason among both men and women for finding a date was for fun and companionship.

About 60 per cent of the women and 45 per cent of the men said they had not had sex in the past six months.

It’s an age-gap relationship where the male is younger than the female.

A bit different from a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Relationship, I’ve found — through chatting with Toyboy Warehouse members — that these relationships tend to be a little less materialistic, though there are a fair share of men who take advantage of extravagant gifts coming their way.

Acording to website testimony, female members leave Toy Boy Warehouse with “liberation and increased appreciation of genuine connections with someone of the opposite sex from a different age range.”But what about these so-called "boys"?

What kind of benefits do they see in these relationships?

I had an older woman (an ex) who I used to go on vacation with a lot.

At first I would always pay but after so many trips, it started to get quite expensive. For this reason, I'll speak on the topic with regards to straight couples, though the topic is universal.The Boy Toy/Older woman relationship isn’t anything new.Here's what Boy Toys from Toy Boy Warehouse had to say: I was sort of dating this older woman from Italy while I was living in London.It wasn't a serious relationship, and we were both seeing other people, but every few months she would pay for my flights to visit her for the weekend.Today they have the jobs, they have the money, they can call the shots," he said.

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