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…Marry someone who appreciates you and wants you to grow into the best you possible.” After placing the reader firmly on the track of personal growth and presenting a richer understanding of love and marriage, Manolson details an effective dating plan of action.

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Manolson emphasizes that constant giving requires that one possess a strong identity as well as a keen awareness of one’s own needs.

“Genuine love emerges not from a lack of self but from a desire to share all you are with another.” She explains that wholesome giving includes reciprocity.

This section sheds badly needed light–one that has tragically dimmed throughout the secular world–on the vital impact of Jewish women on the perpetuation of our values and our People since Sinai.

Manolson urges single women to “know that you’re following in the footsteps of generations of Jewish women who shaped our destiny.

1 With clarifying case scenarios, Manolson illustrates these hidden motivations behind a person’s choice of spouse.

“God may even have created this ‘unconscious spouse choice’ to encourage both marriage partners to confront their hurts and grow past them, so they can become more complete, not only as individuals, but as a couple,” the author explains.

“Frum society is no longer the cozy, idealistic little community it once was…we’ve grown into a vast, diverse population, but people often know little about one another or what marriage requires,” writes Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz of Aish Ha Torah in Yerushalayim, in his letter of approbation.

Yet we must continue trying, and dating and dating and dating.

Some days I scaled the mountain, most days I hung on.

Flicking the light switch off each night served the heftiest challenge.

Additionally, it provides methods to achieve growth including exploring ways to give of oneself, raising one’s self-esteem, opening up emotionally to others and truly “knowing oneself” by distinguishing between what one wants and what one needs.

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