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Offline, it distributes books, holds "love seminars" and organizes meetups.Members gain access to official Whats App channels if they pay a fee of 170,000 rupiah (about )."Dating only wastes time, energy and money for a moment's pleasure," said Munafar.

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Some child welfare advocates worry that the movement to skip dating in favor of marriage will aggravate this issue.

Burgeoning movement Munafar says he believes dating is largely deleterious to young people's lives.

A religious officer canes an Acehnese youth onstage as punishment for dating outside marriage, which is against Sharia, or Islamic law, outside a mosque in Banda Aceh, Aug. The strictly Muslim province, Aceh has become increasingly conservative in recent years and is the only one in Indonesia implementing Sharia.

Widespread trend Indonesia Tanpa Pacaran isn't the only sign of anti-dating sentiment.

and globally, complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the second leading cause of death for girls ages 15 to 19," she said, citing figures from Indonesia's Central Bureau of Statistics.

Cultural pressure to skip dating is certainly not the only factor in child marriage.

Poverty, cultural norms and lack of social services also play a role.

But the movement seems to be symptomatic of the cultural environment that produces the practice.

Furthermore, the issue of child marriage in Indonesia is compounded by the fact that many authorities are proceeding on the basis of forged identity documents, which give a false age."Child marriage has many negative effects on girls, Minnick said.

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