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" data-medium-file=" He had wanted to be a businessman and ski for Britain (he nearly made the team for both the 19 Olympics).

Now he was responsible for the spiritual well- being of millions of Ismaili Muslims (around 11,000 of them in the UK).

For the Aga Khan, women must be both subservient and decorative.

The pattern was always the same: at the beginning of a romance, he lavished presents and attention but then his interest waned.

One mistress, Italian beauty Milena Maffei, hung around for years in the hope that he would divorce Sally.

He owns houses on five continents, numerous cars, a Gulfstream private jet and vast yachts.

His fortune is based on donations from millions of Ismaili Muslims, the second largest Shia community in the world, who regard the Aga Khan as the 49th direct descendent of the Prophet Mohammed and pay him upwards of 12 per cent of their income.

Fortunately for the Aga Khan, Ismaili Muslims do not believe that material comforts and luxury goods are inconsistent with their religion.

The Aga Khan has three passions – women, horses and skiing.

He likes to be addressed as ‘Your Highness’ (based on a title bestowed on him by the Queen in 1957).

He is not quite royal but, like the Dalai Lama, he has an iconic status with mysterious origins – legend has it that followers in Tanzania once bottled his bathwater.

In return he provides spiritual guidance and facilities for his faithful, such as hospitals and schools. w=208" class="wp-image-688 size-full" src=" w=750" alt="Mark-H-skiing competition" srcset=", w=103 103w" sizes="(max-width: 208px) 100vw, 208px" / He was born in Geneva in 1937 as plain Prince Karim and, like George VI during King Edward VIII’s reign, did not expect to inherit. But because of his father Prince Aly Khan’s outrageous playboy antics and marriage to Rita Hayworth, the title skipped a generation.

The Aga Khan enters a skiing competition in Norway in 1966. w=207" data-large-file=" Darkly handsome, urbane and aristocratic (his mother Joan Yarde-Buller, daughter of the 3rd Lord Churston, later became the Viscountess Camrose by marrying press baron John Berry), at 20, while still an economics student at Harvard, Prince Karim became the Aga Khan, a position for which he was ill-prepared.

When K, as the Aga Khan is known, proposed to Sally Croker-Poole in 1969, the former model and 1958 debutante was warned about his infidelities.

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