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Citizens of qualified countries may be also able to visit the United States without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program. visas are required to appear in person for a visa interview at the U. If more than three times you reschedule your appointment or fail to attend your appointment, you will be required to pay another visa application fee. For Nonimmigrant Visa applicants: Step 1Determine your visa type.

If you do not qualify for the Visa Waiver Program or are traveling to study, work, or participate in an exchange program, you must apply for a nonimmigrant visa.

You can apply for the visa at the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General in your own country (region) or country (region) of residence (if there is more than one, apply to the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General nearest from where you live).

Short-term Program To provide opportunities for pre-/post-doctoral researchers from the US, Canada and Europe to conduct, under the guidance of their hosts, cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions.

Standard Program To provide opportunities for postdoctoral researchers from other countries to conduct, under the guidance of their hosts, cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions.

Pathway to University Positions in Japan Aimed at promoting the employment of overseas researchers in full-time position at Japanese universities, this program offers the universities a funded means of inviting postdoctoral researchers from other countries to do pre-employment research in their institutions.

People of some countries (or from some regions) do not need a visa if their period of stay in Japan is 90 days or less and they are not going to be engaged in income-earning activities.

However, depending on the circumstances in your country or region, there are cases that the documents should only be submitted by the applicant him/herself going to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate, or through an accredited travel agent.

Check with the embassy or consulate to which you plan to apply before making the application.

Summer Program Young pre-/post-doctoral researchers from France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Canada and the U. are invited to Japan over a period of two months during the summer to pursue research under the guidance of host researchers in universities and research institutions in Japan.

Strategic Program Young and excellent pre-/post-doctoral researchers with high future potential from selected countries are strategically invited to Japan for the period of two to twelve months in order to build collaborative research relationships with Japanese colleagues.

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Generally, a citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must first obtain a visa, either a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent residence. You must schedule an appointment for that interview, either online using this website or through the call center. Note: If you have registered your profile before, please login to the existing profile with the same credentials you used to apply for a visa. To schedule a nonimmigrant visa appointment, you must have the following information and documents available: Applicants are limited to the number of times they can reschedule their appointments.

Correspondingly, as China has been increasingly assertive in pursuing its territorial dispute with Japan over the islands, the number of Japanese with positive views of China has fallen to similar levels.

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