Dating men love the chase

There’s an old joke that rocket science is way easier than trying to figure out what goes on inside a woman’s head.And if you have any experience in dating, chances are that you will definitely agree.Acting mysterious is a tactic girls use to see if you are persistent enough to dig deeper into her life.

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Lo and behold, a role reversal happens, and she starts initiating communication to you. Well, it’s an obvious sign she’s worried you’ve given up.

A subtle hint that she wants you to keep up with the chase. Either by giving you vague responses when confronting her about the possibility of dating, or whenever you find yourself alone with her.

[Read: How to tease a girl over text and get her to flirt back with you] #7 She reaches out to you incessantly if you stop communicating with her.

There are times that the chase gets a bit too tiring and you decide to stop for a while.

Especially when it comes to the signs she wants you to chase her.

In the dating game, men have to make the first move. But to be specific, women want to be chased by the guy that catches their interest.

Women won’t directly tell you that they like you, but they put out subtle cues to keep you hooked on her.

[Read: 12 obvious signs she wants you to ask her out] Signs she wants you to chase her For this reason, it is crucial men pay attention to the subtle cues women give that tell you when to stop chasing her or when to go forth and continue to shower her with affection. Most guys will be familiar when a girl blows hot and cold at the same time.

But if you find her teasing you a little bit, it means she’s comfortable around you and warmed up to your company past the stiff and “formal” interaction stage.

This is considered the next step and is a cue for you to keep moving forward.

It means she likes you and wants you to keep reaching out to her. When a girl wants you to get off her back, she quickly dismisses any coffee or dinner invitations. However, if a girl likes you and she wants you to keep pursuing her, she’ll find a way to accept your invitation even if it means canceling previous plans.

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