Dating namibian dating methods of pompeii

Can we, the poor people, start to be mature and stop the selfish politicians with our votes?

They dump tobacco on us to make us and our children sick. Let's start to vote wisely and not with our hearts, please. The dilemma of Namibian workers is that the ACC, the Ombudsman, the Public Service Commission, the Labour Commission and the ruling party-affiliated trade union, all seem to be government emplo-yers.

Namibian men are not afraid to tell you they love you (even if you’ve never met) and ask for your hand in marriage.

Erika: Condoms are readily available and often free in Namibia.

Because of the high rate of HIV, the government has done a good job of increasing awareness of sexually transmitted diseases.

Exactly how many millions did the government lose by not taxing the vendors? Because we are unemployed we are selling to support ourselves.

*** *** SMS Of The Day WHY does the Ministry of Finance expect those struggling people on the streets to pay tax?

Most supermarkets have a good stock of pads and a small assortment of tampons.

While most tampon brands are difficult to find, the majority of supermarkets will have the OB brand.Other types of birth control are also available, though not as popular.Clinics also have antiretroviral treatment and Plan B on hand.Erika: Namibians are very religious and largely disapprove of homosexual relationships.Erika: Women in Namibia legally have many of the same rights as men, but society still holds different expectations for them.As in many other places around the world, women are often quite educated, but end up giving up their careers in order to be housewives and to take care of the children.

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