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"They get so excited about the prospect of that person, that if they don’t hear from them again, they're completely devastated over someone they've only hung out with a few times." Her advice is to, just like searching for a job, go into dates with an open mind — thinking that you'll probably never see this person again, but if you do, then that's great.

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But “too much information” means different things to different people and it’s tough to gauge where people are with sharing.

So, keep in mind that sharing a ton up-front, if you’re doing it with someone who’s like you, can mean great connection and more intimacy, but if they’re not on the same page, it could feel like too much too soon, or it can be a sign of a mismatch.

"Keep yourself busy, enjoy your life, and don’t get hung up on whether or not someone texts you back or responds exactly when you want them to," Sussman says.

"If you’re counting the minutes that it took them to respond, you're only going to make yourself upset and potentially misread into someone's actions."That being said, if you’re dating someone, and they’re obviously not consistent with keeping in touch with you, Sussman thinks that’s a warning sign, and that you'll have to ask yourself whether you really want to go out with that person again.

You deserve to share your life and past with someone who's ready to listen and connect with you.

Some people are really into self-deprecating humor (myself included), and that’s totally okay.

"Don't let online dating stop you from being social, going out with friends, and being open to who your loved ones think could be good matches.

You never know when/where you could meet someone you really like." It’s okay to have criteria that you’re looking for, like someone who's kind and empathetic.

I don’t think I felt that connection that I’m looking for and I don’t see a reason to go forward.

I wish you lots of luck in the future.” Look, just don't do it.

"It’s a good idea to develop a bit of a tough skin, so that you don't take rejection or lack of follow-up, from a person you’ve only met once or twice, too personally," Firstein says. We’ve all been obsessed with why a person decided to cancel or didn't call back.

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