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Once either the seller or buyer accepts the (counter-)offer from the other party, a purchase and sales agreement has come into effect instantly. It is therefore always recommended to seek our professional advice in this matter.The broker will subsequently draw up the purchase and sales agreement in which, additional to all agreed to sub-items in the accepted bid, all rights and obligations for both seller and buyer will be stated.

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The consistent high temperatures give you the genuine feeling of the tropics.

In the months of January and February, the temperature on Bonaire will be the coolest, with an average of 29 degrees C (84F) in daytime and 25C (77F) during the night.

They optionally can add bookings themselves, or block dates for any other reason.

Transparency is very important, especially if your valuable property is several thousand kilometers away!

Still, we strongly recommend you to seek our advice, whether buying or selling a property on Bonaire.

Any individual perspective and situation is different after all!

We are happy to be on your side; professionally all the way.

Contact us with any question you may have via The purchase and sales agreement will be signed by both parties and the buyer will need to transfer the down payment of 15% of the total purchase sum within 10 to 14 days after signing into the escrow account of the notary.

All our clients have online access to their own records.

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