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Philby had heard of Bedouin legends of an area called Al Hadida ("place of iron" in Arabic) with ruins of ancient habitations, and also an area where a piece of iron the size of a camel had been found, and so organized an expedition to visit the site.After a month's journey through wastes so harsh that even some of the camels died, on 2 February 1932 Philby arrived at a patch of ground about a half a square kilometre in size, littered with chunks of white sandstone, black glass, and chunks of iron meteorite.

In 1955, George Hellmuth recruits Gyo Obata and George Kassabaum to form an architectural firm in St.

Louis with a vision for using design to help clients succeed and creating places that enrich people’s lives.

Dependent's Fee for Sponsorees: Unfortunately, there is no option in SADAD banking to pay the dependent's fee for sponsorees.

Sponsorees are those people who are registered under your Iqama but they are not your dependents.

The fee has been applicable to all the dependents irrespective of their age.

Every resident will have to pay the dependent’s fee even if the Iqama has been renewed.In the next step, you will see an amount to be paid.In the provided screenshot, you can see that the Iqama is to be renewed until i.e. You can see that the dependent’s fee to be paid is SR 2,437.You can also select “Associate Fee for a Specific Associate” if you want to pay the dependent’s fee separately.Enter your Iqama Number if you have selected “Associate Fee for all registered Associates”.Next step is to enter the time for which you want to pay the fee.

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