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Type 6 is a grouping of examples that we don't really know the chronology of yet. Type 6A has the same wording in the backstamp as Type 7 but in a larger type. Outside the circle appears ROYAL WORCESTER above and PORCELAIN below around the outside of the circle. The screw threads are of the newer, less-dense pitch.The backstamp of Type 9 is black and is imprinted over the glaze. Here is a table backstamp characteristics of those similar types.

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the backstamp is dull green in color and is underneath the glaze. The backstamp consists of the words ROYAL WORCESTER VITREOUS above and ENGLAND beneath the circle.

The backstamp consists of the words ROYAL WORCESTER above and MADE IN ENGLAND beneath the circle.

Type 2A and Type 2B coddlers have a reference number, R #561564 in a box below the circle. This mark has been seen on a coddler with a silver lid. Type 3 backstamps consist of the characters C51 in a circle topped by a crown.

According to KM, this would be an English registry mark, and if so, the design was registered in 1909 with the British Patent Office. The example shown has twenty dots, and so it's believed that the year of manufacture was 1911. Around the top of the circle are the words ROYAL WORCESTER. There are banners on either side of the circle in which the words CROWN and WARE appear.

Some Type 3 backstamps have the Royal Worcester dot marking codes, beneath the circle and above ENGLAND. Most of the Type 4 backstamps have C51 in a circle topped by a crown.

Around the top of the circle is written ROYAL WORCESTER VITREOUS or just ROYAL WORCESTER.

There are variations of the major types that we will call sub-types.

Each unique subtype will be designated by an Arabic numeral followed by English alphabet letter. Note: The designation of "type" is entirely ours ...

All Type 5 coddlers have the finer-pitched (tighter, or older) threads, except Type 5E.

Type 5A has the W in a circle, with ESTABLISHED above and 1751 below the W inside the circle. Type 7 coddlers have a backstamp that consists of the word ROYAL above the word WORCESTER above the word ENGLAND with no other lines or symbols.

Type 2 backstamps have C51 in a circle topped by a crown.

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