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Damir said has given up her spot to compete at the national final in four weeks in favour of the reality show.“I’ve enjoyed the move.It’s a completely different lifestyle but I still call Perth home,” she said.

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But for Tayla Damir, when the show has a sexy and a little risque reputation, it can be even harder.

The 21-year-old, who will star on new dating show Love Island airing tomorrow night on 9GO!

He was one of the first men to enter the Fiji resort, AKA ' Paradise.' When he arrived, Tara Pavlovic—best known for being the relatable and lovable bogan on Matty J's season of —brought to everyone's attention that she was surprised to see him there because she thought he was dating Stephanie Boulton, who was also on Matty J's season.

The question of Brett's single status was a hot topic for the first two episodes of , which included a producer questioning him about the relationship on camera—there's been a lot of producer-breaking-the-fourth-wall action going on—and Tara becoming visibly upset because she felt she'd been lied to by her friends, and was being accused by some of the other girls of trying to use them to keep Brett around, potentially for Steph.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. "Love is the beginning of the journey, its end, and the journey itself." This lovely quote from author Deepak Chopra perfectly describes our inner desire to experience the excitement of falling in love and the fulfillment we feel when we find true love.It is with great pleasure that Drama Fever now offers a wonderful journey of love through our collection of fascinating dating shows from around the world.So I texted [producers] back and said, you know me and Brett have been hanging out but it's an awesome opportunity, so I'm keen too." spin-off—but things got a little messy once production started in November."He went on the island and this whole thing blew up," Steph said. I can just continue this on the outside," she said."We could've done Channel Ten a favour and had a confirmed love affair on there."I think they just wanted their first drama, so they fixed him up."After Brett was eliminated from the show, Steph says the producers still wanted her to come on—under the condition that she would be open to hooking up with other people."They called me when he got kicked off and said, ' If you're coming on to the island, Brett's not there—will you still be willing to kiss people? Nobody else really knew we were dating, except for Tara."(Well, nobody except Tara—and anyone who follows them on Instagram and had put two-and-two together.)Steph also confirmed that Tara had offered to try and keep Brett around on the island—because she was under the impression that Steph would be joining them shortly after.One of the less-recognisable faces was Brett Moore, which he admitted as much in his opening package when he said he was best known for only saying two words on Sophie Monk's season of It's interesting to think why producers would bring back contestants who didn't really make an impact on their initial seasons, especially someone like Brett, who got hardly any airtime.

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