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When I pulled the trigger on e Bay I got one in working condition for 0 plus shipping.They shipped it to Miami were I have a mail forwarder to get it to me in Bogota, Colombia.

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Lucky for me I got them new made by Sylvania, the company that made them for Sears back in the 60’s.

So after the amp was in top condition, moved on to the next thing: the cab.

It's a slightly sideways look at the world of 70s guitar synths and goes in-depth into:the mighty Synthi Hi Fli (that's our...

You’ll see a lot of vintage amp collectors looking for the american classics.

These iconic amps are clean tone history, and almost every church player knows the value they have due to the fact that one of their best features is the ability to take pedals so well.

Recently a lot of hype has come up regarding a brand of American made amps that were made a few years back, today I’d like to introduce you to the Silvertone Twin Twelve.

The original RCA made ones started to look like they had a snow storm coming in on the inside which is always a good indication that they are ready to be replaced. I new that this guy could be better so I moved on to ask a pro to help me re-cap the whole amp.

Lucky for me, in Colombia you can find a lot of NOS electronic stuff that is cheap in comparison to the USA.

The build quality would be like the quality you’d see from boutique builders today.

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