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The app then produces a list of compatible candidates.

Saint Mary's student Samantha Richards said she found Star Rez to be a beneficial service in helping select her roommate, Samantha Carneiro.

"I think Star Rez is a good fundamental baseline to meeting who you want to live with." Roomsync, a Facebook app, lets students rate preferences, like how neat your are and how often you like to have visitors.

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Many people never even had a say in who they would be living with their first year of college.

Now, with the help of housing software provider Star Rez and a handful of websites, colleges and universities are changing the way roommates are matched by giving students more control. They can filter based on different types of attributes," said Joe Lindwall, vice president of sales and marketing at Star Rez. They can search and filter based on this criteria and really narrow it down to a pool of potential residents that they want to live with." Think online dating but for college roommates. Hundreds of universities worldwide -- including New York University, UC Berkeley and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill -- use Star Rez to determine roommate compatibility.

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Your college roommate could turn out to be your best friend or someone who still makes you cringe 10 years later.

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