Mobile sex text - Dating winchester model 70

The 670 was a blind magazine birch stocked version with a sliding side safety.

There was then the 770 & 70A which were basically the same same as the 670A except for a walnut stock.

The 70A used the same barrel, stamped model 70, so those that did not know bragged they had a model 70 because that is what it said on the barrel & did it not have the hinged floorplate of the model 70.

This time frame also saw one of our greatest inflationary periods ever.

Increased shortages of good walnut for stocks & the rise in cost of steel & other alloy materials.

Raising demands for American skilled labor also was a contributing factor.

Many extras that were offered before were dropped from the catalogs, probably because they had no one skilled enough to produce the extras.

This was also the time the "Anti-Bind" bolt was initiated.

This new bolt used a lip on the lower edge of the RH locking lug.

The most obvious was the impressed checkering & stock finish.

The old Mauser type extractor was eliminated & a new style smaller unit was moved into the RH bolt lug & it used a spring loaded plungered system.

The trigger guard (guard bow as the factory calls it) was made from an aluminum casting that was painted black.

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