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Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D from Jersey Shore and Chloe Ferry, Sam Gowland, Sophie Kasaei and Nathan Henry from Geordie, ended up partying at the Spearmint Rhino strip club.

Pauly D and Sophie Kasaei were spotted getting cozy at the end of the night, leaving the strip club hand-in-hand and looking happy. And while there's no telling yet whether the encounter ended up with whirlwind romance, it's no secret that Pauly D and Sophie hit it off.

"He knows that and we made sure that's the page we were both on in the beginning." Pauly D even admitted to "looking forward to the next steps" in their relationship, but just a month later in July 2017, E! According to a source who informed the news outlet of the split, O’Day was reportedly more ready for the next big step in their relationship than Pauly D was, which is what allegedly led to their breakup for good.

Right now, Pauly D does seem to be as single as you could possibly be.

She admitted: "Last night, we did have fun and we all went out, I was with Snooki and J-Wow too." “I'm single and I was out there in London having a good time. I mean, we had a good time.”Whether or not the two will see each other again, Nicole Polizzi AKA Snooki approves of Sophie, saying, “she was so cool, we loved her,” during the conversation. “I wasn't bringing home a different girl every single night like you might think. Nope, Sophie, 28, who's from South Shields, near Newcastle, doesn't need to go tanning; her dark complexion is due to the fact that she's half Iranian.

That's one of the benefits of being single — you get to meet great people. Pauly D also added that he and Sophie, 28, do plan on keeping in touch. Rumors circulated that Sophie was booted off the show in 2013 after reports accused her of racism,.

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All that time spent clubbing with his costars on the show is also sometimes spent dancing with girls and/or taking them back to the house, often encouraging his buddies to do the same.

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