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Sometimes, however, this field will contain a valid District Office Code (these codes will have no relation- ship to where the taxpayer lives, but are simply stand-ins for their cor- responding Service Center Codes). The following are exceptions to this rule and have a direct relationship with the taxpayer’s address: a — All DO 66 (Puerto Rico) input b — All DO 98 Assistant Commissioner (International) input c — All area office payments d — Most IDRS input through terminals located in district of- fices e — All Non Master File items For these types of input the FLC will either represent the tax- payer DO or the District Office of control (for certain IDRS transac- tions). b SATURDAY DATE (previous) when numbering no- remittance returns and other documents.

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DLN’s are printed on output documents in the following format: xxxxx-xxx- xxxxx-x.

A fourteenth digit, the year of processing is assigned by the Service Center computer.

41 and 42 of the IRC (Form 4720) Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return (Form 720) Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Return (Form 2290) Special Tax Return and Application for Registry— Wagering (Form 1 1—0) Tax on Wagering (Form 730) Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990) Short Form — Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990 EZ) U. 09 Ft l/B/A Additional liability pending (TC 570) has frozen a credit balance module.

(Form 1041 A) Split Interest Trust Information Return (Form 5227) Return of Private Foundation (Form 990PF) Return of Certain Excise Taxes on Charities and Other Persons under Chap. 04 A l/B/A Duplicate returns posted, one may be amended return. 08 X l/B/A The tax module is frozen because of a manual refund (TC 840 or O code return) made to the taxpayer.

Kansas City KA Shawnee Mission SM Topeka TP Wichita WK Albuquerque AQ Oklahoma City OC Tulsa TS Abilene AB Amarillo AM Austin AU Beaumont BT Corpus Christi CC Dallas DA El Paso EP Fort Worth FW Galveston GA Houston HO Irving IR Laredo LD Lubbock LU Port Arthur PA San Antonio SO Waco WX Wichita Falls WF (g) Ogden Service Center- —SC Code 29 Major City Alpha Abbrev.

Petersburg SP Tallahassee TL Tampa TA West Palm Beach WP Albany AY Atlanta AT Augusta AG Columbus CM Macon MA Savannah GS Charleston CT Columbia CU Florence FE Greenville GV Spartanburg SQ (f) Austin Service Center- -SC Code 18 Major City Alpha Abbrev.

d TRANSFER DATE used when transferring credits into or out of the Master File and for dishonored check transactions on Form 2287 “Dishonored Check Posting Voucher”. If transac- tion contains a transaction amount, current date must agree with the date of prejournalization. 6 Substitute Card Code— (1 digit) — Indicates whether or not a substitute Federal Tax Deposit Credit Card was prepared.

c SUNDAY DATE (previous) is used when numbering no- remittance returns and documents after the available blocks of num- bers (block number and serial number) for a District Office within the Saturday date has been exhausted. 4 FTD Conversion Date — (3 digits) — Generated numeric calen- dar day of the year on which Federal Tax Deposit Credits were con- verted to tape. “99” — Indicates an FTD “Rollover/Rollback” Condition.

There are three basic DLN for- mats as shown below. The DLN identifies the type as well as the location of the document.

The codes listed herein are part of the Document Locator Number.

Lakewood LW Pueblo PU Boise BS Helena HE Lincoln LN Omaha OM Las Vegas LV Reno RE Fargo FA Eugene EU Portland PO Salem XR Aberdeen AD Ogden OG Salt Lake City XU West Valley City WC Seattle SE Spokane SW Tacoma TC Cheyenne CY (h) Memphis Service Center — SC Code 49 Major City Alpha Abbrev.

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