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It is very intresting to know that in UK and US, pakistani swingers and indian swingers are not showing any hitch to mingle with each other.Atleast in some areas,border is not creating issues.

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In UK, pakistani population is high in number and swinging trend is on the rise.

Both indian swingers and pakistani swinger fall under one category that is desi couples.

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According a recent global Web survey,majority of indian swingers and pakistani swingers who are indulged in swapping in india says that it helps them to maintain their relationship with their spouse.

After swapping, their Sexual life is entirely changed.

In almost every state in US, you can find week end swingers parties where you can see a few indian swingers also.

Mainly there are two types of parties,on premises and swinger club events.

Wife swapping india is a kinky trend that is growing very fast these days among desi couples.

Many desi couple say' s that swapping is imported from Western society.

In swingers clubs you have to pay a high price to enter and entry is only for desi couples and females.

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