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What has been observed is there is often a missing configuration which causes failure of dynamic DNS registration.The more common one being reverse lookup zone not being present.

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Tomorrow they want me to wipe out the entire DNS zone and start over from scratch :(I wonder if our problems are the same and due to some bug in 2012 R2 DNS and/or DHCP.

During the troubleshooting process I wrote some scripts to ping all of our servers by name and log results.

This feature is enabled by default in Windows Server 2016.

Important: The behavior does not change by simply installing the Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows Server 2012 R2 (KB3197875).

The DHCP Server does so by calling a DNS client API which puts the request in the dynamic DNS update processing queue of the DNS client.

At start of the DHCP server service, DHCP server sets the length of the dynamic DNS update queue in the DNS client. It can be overridden by a DHCP server registry key.Failed registrations will anyway be retried by the scavenger in the DHCP server as mentioned above.This will ensure that in cases when a zone is not present, the failed registration does not stay in the queue for a long time and the queue build will not be seen.DHCP server registers a callback function with the DNS client to be called once the dynamic DNS update is completed either successfully or otherwise.DNS clients make 3 attempts to register each DNS record in the queue with a time interval of 5 minutes between retries. Ajay Sarkaria here with new information on the changes in dynamic DNS registrations.

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