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NVidia Control Panel contains several graphical settings.You should set recommended settings in it because that works perfectly for most of the users.

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I've set my BIOS back to defaults with no overclocks and eliminated all but the essential services and programs from starting doing boot, including disabling my antivirus. I'm at a standstill with both Steam and Activision support, and I haven't been able to find anything with Google, so I'm REALLY hoping someone here might have some ideas.

I realize that many times when there is an issue with a game on Steam, it can be solved with "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". I tried running Darksiders and it gave me an error of "Missing Executable", so I figured the verify would easily catch that and install the missing files.

It will surely help your fix your lags and delays issues.

I recently posted this to the Steam Community, thinking that was a more appropriate place for it..they were useless (see for yourself), and I've always gotten better answers from Tom's users, so I'm hoping someone might have some insight into this.

I've tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the offending game to no avail.

I've also run the Disk Checking tools from my C Drive Properties Tools menu, as well as run "chkdsk /f" which runs chkdsk on boot, neither run showed any errors in the drive.

So I clicked the Verify thing and I could play Stanley pabs again!

When I click the verify integrity of game cache in local files. I had to do that for some games after copying over my home directory from a failing hard drive to a new drive (some game textures were corrupted).

We will make sure that our secondary Graphic Card (ATI Radeon or NVidia) should be used is more powerful.

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