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It is unusual amongst the dating companies in that it only has one dating coach, David De Angelo himself (real name Eben Pagan).Double Your Dating made a name for itself with its "Cocky & Funny" approach to attracting women.It is the entry point for people wanting to start studying "Double Your Dating" dating advice.

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David De Angelo has carved out a successful career by teaching guys how to generate attraction through a variety of both verbal and non-verbal signals.

He knows that there’s a lot of stuff that goes under the radar when it comes to dating and David exploits this hidden advantage to the fullest.

David De Angelo is one such guy – originally involved in real estate and other unrelated industries, he eventually became interested in learning how to attract women.

He then did his homework by learning about the fundamental concepts of attraction through other established figures such as Ross Jeffries.

All of his books and seminars are centered on the basic truth that attracting a woman isn’t done through logic.

His teachings revolve around the knowledge that developing important characteristics (such as high social value and self-confidence) serve as “triggers” in a woman’s mind.Double Your Dating (also known as "DYD") was the second dating company to appear in the market (after Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction).Today it is the largest dating company with a wide range of products.While Ross Jeffries might be the self proclaimed “Godfather of Pickup,” I think there are few who would deny that David De Angelo is one the most respected gurus in the dating industry.David De Angelo’s first book Double Your Dating is considered a classic in the community, and introduced the world to the cocky/funny concept that is almost universally accepted as the gold standard of flirting.It was a big feature of the first product, the Double Your Dating ebook.

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