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The Book of Jubilees mentions the Biblical Nimrod, king of Babylon, name in its Greek form, Nebrod, as being the father of Azurad, the wife of Eber and mother of Peleg.This account would therefore make him an ancestor of the Israelites themselves.Abraham also adopts his brother's son, Lot, as his own (presumably as his potential successor in light of his own failure to produce a son).

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However, it doesn't necessarily have to refer to a wave of thirteen tribes and several hundred or more tribespeople wandering into Canaan.

Archaeology alone has disproved this version of events.

Israelite Tribes According to tradition, the Israelites were Semitic migrs from southern Mesopotamia who left the city of Ur during the reign of Hammurabi of Babylonian, when his empire was at its height.

A confederation of tribes, they initially settled on the coast of the Dead Sea, before being forced to emigrated to Egypt, only to return centuries later to form small kingdoms in Canaan during the period of deep social unrest around and after 1200 BC.

As the leaders of the latter can be dated approximately, so too can Nimrod, although it places him at the very start of Babylon's rise as a major city state.

Eber is claimed to be present during the building of Nimrod's 'Tower of Babel', while Peleg witnesses the division of humanity into speakers of different languages.

While many of those ages seem plausible, the earliest do not.

A rough calculation of about twenty to thirty years for each generation supplies an approximate date of 2090 BC for Noah.

The names of direct descendants, though, may well be correct, part of an oral tradition which, in any culture, has always placed a strong emphasis on ensuring an unbroken list of ancestors.

These names are shown below with a lilac background to highlight their near-mythical status.

This term seems first to have been used for a range of outsiders, from unemployed farm labourers and vagrants to mounted mercenary archers.

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