Elijah wood thoughts on dating

Even though I wanted to do music, culinary school seemed like the more practical way to go.

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We met when I was working there and he was in school.

Jamie: I own two companies, including a catering company.

I started opening the businesses and working on music simultaneously.

Jamie: You’d be shocked at the similarities between the two.

It’s a town that’s outside of Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada, obviously.

It’s about forty-five minutes to an hour outside of Ottawa, and I built the studio literally in the middle of nowhere because that’s the town where I’m from. I built the studio in my basement, and we have all the gear there.

It’s like this multiplication effect, which sounds super cheesy, but it’s why we chose the branding we did: Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine.

The writing we do is exponential together, as opposed to two people just writing a song. Perth is this small city—well, I wouldn’t call it a city.

It was hilarious to see how many musicians were at the culinary program.

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