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As part of the decoration an inscription reading “ YUAN 1279 – 1368 A Rare Yuan Blue and White Porcelain Stem Cup. The Inscription would Seem to Bestow Good Wishes to the User.

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Below are various marks and inscriptions from Chinese pottery and porcelain that we have had in stock over the last few years.

This is not a comprehensive list, it is purely based on pieces we have had.

This eventually led to corruption at all levels of the Ming government.

Jiajing’s ruthlessness also led to an internal plot by his concubines to assassinate him in 1542 by strangling him while he slept.

We have also included marks copying the marks of earlier reigns, so they can be contrasted against the original Imperial marks. The British Museum Entry Further States “Some Pagodas in the Song Dynasty Were Made Entirely of Cast Iron.

Pagodas Fully Covered with Brown-Glazed Pottery Tiles had a Similar Visual Effect and are Often Called Iron Pagodas” e our ‘Archive’ for more information, stock number 17462 . Literature : The Handbook of Marks on Chinese Ceramics (Gerald Davison, Han-Shan Tang Books, 1994.

The Inscribed Characters were Added When the Clay was Wet, Some of Which Extended to the Base.

A Large Area of the Body Has Fired to a Black Tone. For Similar Yuan Pottery Examples See : Offering Vessels of Yunnan (Michael C.

MING DYNASTY : JIAJING 1522-1666 Jiajing Six Character Mark and of the Period. From the beginning of Jiajing’s reign, he was infatuated with young women and Taoist pursuits.

He was known to be a cruel and self-aggrandizing emperor and he also chose to reside outside of the Forbidden city in Beijing so he could live in isolation while ignoring state affairs.

The plot was ultimately foiled and all of the concubines involved were summarily executed. See our ‘Archive’ for more information, stock number 18579.

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